Adventures in Environmental Building and Sculpting

Adventures in environmental building and sculpting using natural materials

Reut Shachar, an internationally recognized artist and sculptor, specializes in a unique environmental sculpting method, utilizing and recycling natural materials such as stone, earth, branches, fibers, leaves and trunks to make various statuary, decorative objects, and artistic installations.

In this workshop, the participants will have adventures, “connect” to nature in its most elementary form, gain experience in using basic materials and learning their attributes and the various possible ways they can combine to create works of art.

The workshop is fascinating both as a personal and group bonding experience, during which we’ll deepen our environmental awareness and clarify the connection between art and ecology.

The subjects in this workshop are many and varied, and are adapted to every group by prior arrangement.


At the end of the workshop we’ll also taste food we’ve prepared ourselves using the surrounding greenery, and eat as a group.


Length: Maximum of 2 1/2 hours.

Price per participant: 89 NIS.

Minimum number of participants: 20 people.